Tea Party - The Awakening
The beginning of the book will immediately capture your attention as Morehouse does an excellent job drawing comparisons between the issues we face today and the issues facing our founding fathers back in 1700s.

The Tea Party movement is all about everyday Americans that are fed up with the status quo. It is a modern day revolution that is sure to gain momentum as more and more people begin to understand what it is truly about. Don't let the MSM shape your views on the Tea Party. Get away from the sound bites and political posturing and read this book. You will be enlightened. --Reader - Kindle Edition: Posted on Amazon

Tea Party The Awakening is a perfect collection and comparison of old and new (current) thinking about American politics in the twenty first century. The forward was nothing short of "Genius", stealing my wife's comment when I asked her what she thought, and she is rarely impressed about anything! Like most people, I have had many questions about the Tea Party movement; who do you listen to? who do you trust? This book answers it all.

The forward walks us through the Tea Party movement of the 1770's and draws parallels to the movement of today. I was touched by the similarities and never bored with the historical references. After being amazed at what I learned from the forward I began to absorb the stories written by the Tea Party organizers themselves.. many, many stories written in their own words! The stories are not delivered by a talking head on the nightly news, not the opinions of the editor or rantings or writings of some faceless journalists. They are real people and their stories expressed by their motivations.
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